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Colorado Visitors Surprised by Wild Wedding Guest

May 24th, 2019

A couple from Illinois visited Rocky Mountain National Park this week to get married and were startled when a moose came into view in their snowy May background. The couple made several attempts to take pictures and say their vows, but the stubborn guest continued to meander closer and closer. The couple said that they had never seen a moose before, and their photographer noted that the couple was terrified; she kept trying to get them to pay attention to their pictures, but they were in awe of the wildlife. The surprise guest and late spring snowstorm led to some stunning wedding pictures for... Read More

4 Places I Love in Colorado

January 3rd, 2019

I’d like to talk a little about some places I return to fairly often.  Places that I’ve found by driving where I had been to with my dad when I was younger or places I’ve come upon just exploring new roads with no agenda.  Some haven’t changed much over the years, thankfully. Others are getting more crowded. Crowds can be good for the economy, but bad for everything else.  I do like that more people seem to be trying to appreciate what’s out there, but it comes at a price. Some of us like to find the quiet places away from the crowds and those places are harder to find now.  Sometimes,... Read More

Wandering the Rockies – Paths

December 20th, 2018

Sometimes to the end, but mostly just to wander, I’ve walked many paths.  I wander away from parts of myself that no longer grow so they may die alone.  I try to lose my fears along paths in haunted woods, or expose my bitterness on windswept ridges, but I always end up facing them on the way.  After all, they had led me there to begin with. How I see is more important than what I see, but oh, the sights I’ve seen. Wandering paths in the Rockies, I’ve both found and lost myself, but more importantly, I’ve learned my place.  I’ve learned the feeling of knowing that place and the knowing... Read More

Wandering the Rockies – Sunrises

December 13th, 2018
Colorado sunrises

Sunrises Lost in our own darkness, Restless through the cold night; We savor the stillness As we wait for first light. Clouds create a canvas As the sun paints the sky. The colors warm our souls, And calmness ease our minds. We witness the moments When dreams are realized. Dreams the Earth and sun dream Of Colorado skies.       To see more work from Russell Gunter visit:  Read More