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Don’t Forget to Enjoy the Time — Winter Holiday Cheer Ramping Up This Weekend

November 30th, 2018
puppy in a a santa hat looking all cute

As anyone who has ever lived near a growing community knows, the holidays are as chaotic and varied as trying to decide exactly what to get for the people you love, no matter what winter holiday you celebrate at home. December starts this weekend, and with it, so many winter events are coming to light. Buckle up! Beware the Cookie Cutters Downtown Fort Collins prides itself on being a hub of activity — with everything from the lights, to the shops, to the small-town feel that allows us to escape from the busy-ness of our lives. That small-town feel is brought into crisper view by the reality... Read More

Welcome to Bohemia

August 4th, 2018
Bohemian Nights NewWestFest in Fort Collins.

It’s time for an annual festival that keeps the town abuzz for weeks before and after the event: Bohemian Nights at NewWestFest. This free, three-day music festival, as most of you probably know, is going to be completely chock full of musical performances on six different stages. A good portion, if not all, of these performances are led by Colorado-based groups, once again bringing Colorado’s wow-factor to the highest it can be. Bohemian Nights has one goal: to provide new/emerging and established musicians that represent Colorado and reveal Fort Collins as having the potential of a music... Read More