Tuesday - May 28th, 2024

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Remember and Honor Our Veterans Online Presentation

Everybody has a unique story, sometimes they are just waiting for someone to ask it.  We collected all the facts and figures, but not nearly enough of the personal stories…stories that add a powerful dimension to the facts and figures.” Brad Hoopes loves history, especially the World War II era. A few years ago, he learned that the Library of Congress collects the stories of veterans.  He decided to start interviewing veterans locally.

He bought a video camera and just started doing it.  He has interviewed more than 500 Northern Colorado veterans of various conflicts. He focuses on the human experience and perspective, which adds a powerful dimension to the facts and figures. The same is true in our genealogy, our ancestors’ lives are more than facts and figures (birth, marriage, death). Their stories add a powerful dimension if we can find them.

Brad Hoopes will share some of the stories he has collected, as well as some suggestions for how to collect your own stories from family members.



Brad Hoopes has for the last 16 years a passionate project of interviewing and preserving the stories of veterans. This has led to an all-out effort to honor veterans in any way he can, serving on numerous boards and committees. An off-shoot of his project was a book he wrote, “Reflections of Our Gentle Warriors” and publishing a magazine. Brad is a CSU graduate and lives in Loveland.


All visitors interested in genealogy and family history is welcome to join our online program! Please register on our website at  https://www.lcgsco.org/events/remember-and-honor/ to obtain online instructions and handout.


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