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Standing Outside Your Own Shoes: On Non-Binary Identification And Your Favorite Restaurants

November 16th, 2018

This article is to not serve as a promotion for any establishments possibly mentioned below, it is strictly an analysis of events and how they were handled. The individuals pertaining to the contents of this piece have asked they remain anonymous. It is no mystery that the area of Colorado Springs is getting older while the clientele that frequent the restaurants are getting younger; and with the younger generations there is a new degree of culture that should be addressed by the management and staff of the restaurants, and like establishments, in this city. One specific culture is non-binary... Read More

Hello and Welcome – Meet Cailean: A Local to Take You Behind the Scenes of Restaurants Across the State

November 9th, 2018

Let’s paint a picture; when we sit and think about the culinary industry it is almost natural to imagine a man with a thick British accent screaming at the cooks about everything they are doing wrong, tearing everyone down piece by piece. Is that what really happens though? In some cases, yes, but not in every single kitchen around the world, let alone just here in Colorado. Most of the Chefs I have met here in Colorado are, honestly, downright mellow; sure, it is natural to have a bad day here and there where you lash out at everyone and everything around you, but it’s not a constant occurrence.... Read More

STUFT Burger Bar–Bring Your Own Burger Experience

May 31st, 2018

STUFT Burger Bar had humble beginnings in Old Town Fort Collins, as it grew in popularity it expanded as a local Northern Colorado franchise to Windsor and Greely. STUFT the perfect place to go when craving an all-American burger with a side of fries and a shake, the ‘50s dinner’s dream experience. STUFT’s menu is yours to create. They offer a BYOB (Bring your own burger) menu which is placed on a clip board with a pencil, so that each patron can pick and choose between bread options (i.e. a glazed donut is a sweet option), sauces, vegetables, additional toppings, and cheese. This allows... Read More