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Wandering the Rockies – Nesotaieux

December 6th, 2018
Photography by Russell Gunter

‘Nesotaieux’* Sentinel in the western sky You tower above the plain A muse for dawning light A throne for setting sun Nesotaieux, guide me From the barren plains To the valleys at your feet For I seek shelter there Veiled in clouds or bathed in sun Your granite face cracked and furrowed The aeons have carved you with ice You are the pinnacle of this range From an unknown hilltop I gaze to the west longingly Your silhouette graces the sky As the sun sets on Colorado   *Arapaho name for Long’s Peak and Mount Meeker, meaning two guides  Read More

Colorado Poet Diana Khoi Nguyen Shortlisted for National Book Award

October 10th, 2018

Ghost Of is Diana Khoi Nguyen’s remarkable award-winning poetry debut; this collection is an extensive, jarring rumination on the loss by suicide of her younger brother — the ghost and principal muse of the work. Nguyen’s voice is augmented by family photographs which combine with her poetry to produce innovative multi-media forms; these give a deconstructed dimensionality to her tender lamentations. The result is nothing short of ingenious and sincere vulnerability, a portal into deeply personal histories. Diana Khoi Nguyen’s work is assuredly appreciating a much larger audience thanks... Read More

Interview with Colorado Prize for Poetry Winner: Gillian Cummings

September 20th, 2018

Gillian Cummings is the Author of The Owl was a Baker’s Daughter, winner of the 2018 Colorado Prize for Poetry selected by John Yau, forthcoming this November from The Center for Literary Publishing at Colorado State University. I reached out to Gillian Cummings directly regarding her success, and she enthusiastically consented to an interview. About The Owl Was a Baker’s Daughter: The title The Owl was a Baker’s Daughter originates from a line spoken by Shakespeare’s Ophelia in Hamlet whose grief and guilt at which point have overwhelmed her into a sort of psychosis. The Owl was a... Read More

Forget “Friday Night Lights”

April 21st, 2018

Prepare for Friday Night Writes! As many folks know, April is National Poetry Month. April is a lot of special months all in one, if you’ve read previous posts. But one of the things about National Poetry Month that can be super exciting is the potential for what’s called a poetry slam. Poetry slams happen when many poets get together and perform their own original works for each other. A great time is usually had by all. Next week, as we near the end of National Poetry Month, good old Harmony Library is hosting the Friday Night Writes Poetry Slam to celebrate this month. They have two categories:... Read More