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How to Celebrate the Fourth Safely

Fort Collins_Fourth of July EventsWe’ve reached that time of year where it’s socially acceptable to want to blow things up and light things on fire.

I don’t know about you, but plenty of friends have been asking what there really is to do for the Fourth of July this year.

Well. There’s a lot. The City of Fort Collins and its sponsor Blue Ocean Foundation have planned a whole day just for you.

Starting at 10 AM, there will be an Independence Day Parade that travels along Mountain Avenue from Meldrum Street to Jackson Avenue. Make sure you get there with enough time to park so you and the family can see the whole thing in comfort. (Also, please obey no parking zones).

After that, there’s a lull in activity that you might use to visit City Park pool to cool off and get your sunburn on (for real, please use sunscreen).

The best part about that is City Park will have musical performances starting at 4:15 PM, and running until around 7 PM. The first half of the time will feature the Colorado Swing Band, while the second half will give us the musical renderings of the Guerilla Fanfare Brass Band.

During this time, food trucks will be available from 4:30 PM to 9:00 PM, if you’re into that. Those trucks will be along City Park Drive.

Then, beginning at 8:15, Maestro Wes Kenney and the Fort Collins Symphony will play until the fireworks begin over Sheldon Lake.

The fireworks display is scheduled to begin at 9:35 PM, depending on wind and weather conditions.


***Please note that local animals both pets and otherwise may get nervous, anxious, scared, and a plethora of other very scary sensations due to the volume and intensity of fireworks shows. Please make sure your animals are accounted for, and preferably, securely indoors before you leave. Every year there is a surge of missing animal reports that is attributed to fireworks startling the animal. Please take care of your furry friends as best you can.***


***Second, please note that we have fire warning weather. This means conditions are hot and dry and that means that the slightest human error can cause terrible devastation. Please observe local fireworks laws, which state that no personal fireworks are allowed (including snakes and sparklers). If on private land, nothing that leaves the ground. If you violate these standards and don’t have a permit, you can face fines up to $2,650. Don’t be that guy.***

If you would like more information regarding this year’s events:

If you are hoping to find information about shows and events outside Fort Collins:

Crystal Angevine is a CSU Alum, who dreams big and works hard. She loves being in the outdoors, lives for her family, and tries hard to be the change she wishes to see in the world. On any given Saturday, she might be found knitting, doing other handcrafted arts, or playing video games. She grew up in Northern Colorado, but still loves exploring Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. What better way to do that than by telling the world about the plethora of events dear old FoCo has to offer?