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Colorado Visitors Surprised by Wild Wedding Guest

May 24th, 2019

A couple from Illinois visited Rocky Mountain National Park this week to get married and were startled when a moose came into view in their snowy May background. The couple made several attempts to take pictures and say their vows, but the stubborn guest continued to meander closer and closer. The couple said that they had never seen a moose before, and their photographer noted that the couple was terrified; she kept trying to get them to pay attention to their pictures, but they were in awe of the wildlife. The surprise guest and late spring snowstorm led to some stunning wedding pictures for... Read More

Wandering the Rockies – Nesotaieux

December 6th, 2018
Photography by Russell Gunter

‘Nesotaieux’* Sentinel in the western sky You tower above the plain A muse for dawning light A throne for setting sun Nesotaieux, guide me From the barren plains To the valleys at your feet For I seek shelter there Veiled in clouds or bathed in sun Your granite face cracked and furrowed The aeons have carved you with ice You are the pinnacle of this range From an unknown hilltop I gaze to the west longingly Your silhouette graces the sky As the sun sets on Colorado   *Arapaho name for Long’s Peak and Mount Meeker, meaning two guides  Read More