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Finally, a 2nd Wednesday Event

DimeStories_2nd Wednesdays_Fort Collins

Fort Collins is a bustling writer’s center, filled with a life that whimsical fancy and well-trained prose can bring to any sullen town. As such, Fort Collins has many events that allow writers to showcase their work, much in the same way the First Friday Gallery Walk and other events helps artists showcase their work.

One such event is called DimeStories Fort Collins. The event is associated with DimeStories International, which often hosts events in San Diego, CA; Costa Mesa, CA; and Albuquerque, New Mexico.

DimeStories International was founded by Amy Wallen, author of the book When We Were Ghouls. After she stepped down, Albuquerque author Jennifer Simpson took up the mantle of manager. The entire staff is volunteer, from the writers to the website janitor to the artist/illustrator for the logos.

DimeStories writers have produced prose spoken at open mics long before NPR began their 3-Minute Fiction segment, and the group has actually even produced podcasts and public radio performances.

The concept: write a story that can be read from beginning to end in three minutes. It is open-mic-style, and here in Fort Collins, the event happens every second Wednesday.

You’ve heard of First Fridays, every Friday/weekend/whatever, but now, we have Second Wednesdays!

The event takes place at The Forge Publick House (255 Old Firehouse Alley) in Fort Collins. Writers can sign up for spaces at 6:30 PM, and the show begins at 7 PM. It is a friendly space for authors of all levels, and you never know what might come of a reading at The Forge. This event is all about being social and networking authors together so they can better their craft and share their stories—whether factual or fictional.


This month, the event is on July 11th. Hope you have fun!

If you are interested in more information about DimeStories International:

Also, here’s the DimeStories Fort Collins Facebook page:


Crystal Angevine is a CSU Alum, who dreams big and works hard. She loves being in the outdoors, lives for her family, and tries hard to be the change she wishes to see in the world. On any given Saturday, she might be found knitting, doing other handcrafted arts, or playing video games. She grew up in Northern Colorado, but still loves exploring Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. What better way to do that than by telling the world about the plethora of events dear old FoCo has to offer?