Ahhhhhh. Growing up can be difficult. You now have bills to pay, jobs to worry about, and people that count on you. All the stress can take a toll on you and your mental state. Don’t forget to make yourself a priority too! 

 Focus on your goals & desires without anyone else’s opinion getting in your way

EVERYONE is different. Your goals in life most likely will not be the same as many others. Sometimes, it is hard to know whether or not you should take someone’s opinion into consideration, but if your goals and plans are going to benefit you as a whole and your future, you should let their opinions go in one ear and out the other.

 Take time to do the things you enjoy and bring out your smile

We all know that sometimes we have days where our smile just doesn’t want to come out. It is difficult to bring ourselves up from situations that harm our minds or make us feel down. However, when you do smile, don’t take it for granted! Remember what you were doing to create that happiness and keep doing it! 

 Don’t hide your emotions just because this generation thinks it’s weak to have them

I cannot express this enough. For some reason, this generation thrives off of broken relationships, unrealistic expectations, and cheating. DO NOT be someone you are not; express your emotions to the ones you care about. Talk about how you feel with your friends. Don’t bottle in your anger, worries, and sadness. Speak about what makes you happy! 

 Talk to your parents daily and tell them you love them

There comes a phase where we think we are too cool to listen to our parents, but trust me, most of the time they are right. They love to hear about your day and how school is going–they miss you! Don’t be one of those kids who makes their parents their last priority; make them one of your first! 

 Keep up with those who keep up with you. It’s okay to outgrow people 

It is absolutely impossible to try and keep up with everyone who has entered your life at one point in time. You may have outgrown some of them because they are on different paths or stuck in their own world, and that’s okay! Everyone has a different clock where they grow at different times. What some of your old friends enjoy doing now, you may have no interest in!

 Don’t try and please everyone, because you won’t be able to focus on the ones who matter the most

I had a lot of trouble realizing this. If you focus on pleasing everyone, you won’t be able to focus on the ones who truly matter. Not only will you not be able to give thanks to those who truly matter, but you will also not be able to focus on yourself.

You don’t have to go to that party just to fit in 

There is a difference between wanting to go and feeling like you have to go just to fit in! I used to think that I had to go to parties and get wasted just to have friends and be accepted by everyone around me. Now that I’ve grown, I have learned that there is nothing wrong with hanging out at home with the girls or taking a huge bubble bath with your favorite Moscato. As you get older, you will choose to focus on the things that matter the most!

 Trust the Lord & the power of prayer

I will continue to preach this. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY. If you aren’t religious, then focus on the power you follow. Focus on what is best for you. The Lord will lead you in the right direction and down the right path. There is so much love in His word and the way He asks us to treat others.

 DON’T seek revenge. Live, learn, & if someone hurts you, just know that a better future is coming your way

Too many people I know think it is okay to seek revenge on whoever hurt them. We don’t need to do this! It is unhealthy and will only cause more trouble to come your way. The best “revenge” you can get is to move on completely from whoever who hurt you and let them know that their opinions, words or actions will no longer affect you.

Find a positive in every situation

Yes, it can be hard–I know. Remaining positive in a situation that harms you can be extremely difficult, but it is the best way to go about any situation. Reminding yourself what you are thankful for and counting your blessings are two things that can help you become a more thankful and positive person. Being a happy and radiant individual will never be a bad thing. 

Mikaila grew up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and is working towards completing her last year in school. She loves sports, the outdoors, books and the gym. Since she was young, she has enjoyed writing in journals but never thought to make a dream out of it. In the past few years, she has created her own blog and has seen some small success. Mikaila plans to share her writing with others while building the courage to make a career out of it.