The Fringe, Fort Collins Fringe Festival, Art, Performance, Fort Collins EventsFort Collins has a large art scene, pulsing at the fringes of our everyday existence. It is quiet, creative, and altogether largely ignored by those who aren’t as “into” art. Some art is more censored than others.

The Fringe Festival hopes to create a space for those on the fringe.

The Fringe Festival is a large group of artists performing everything from comedic exploration in face paint, to taking children’s stories and acting them out, to fire breathing (yes, you read that right), to mentalism (that’s where they basically read your mind), and so much more.

This event even has a haunted tour with a local supernaturalist expert. You know you don’t want to wait until Halloween to see ghosts again.

The Fringe began nearly 70 years ago as a way for performers and artists to be seen that might be outside the norm. The festivals provide an opportunity for these outside of the normers to showcase their work- without the constraints of status quo, censorship or judgment. There is no one group responsible for the Fringe Festivals all across the world.

The Fort Collins Fringe Festival established itself with three main values in mind: community, creativity and resourcefulness. The Festival wants to have a space for artists of all platforms to come together, share and improve their craft, and pool the resources together so that everyone involved has access to production elements that benefit them.

The Fort Collins Fringe Festival is a four-day festival, spanning from July 26 to July 29. Events span the course of the days, and range in viewability from all ages to 13+ to adults only. Event prices range from free to $10 a ticket.

Here’s how it works: like with a carnival, you have an entrance fee to get in. In this case, it’s $5 to get the button that acts as your pass to enter. Each event has its own time and admission. The money from the button goes into supporting the festival, while the admission to the events supports the artist. The button works all four days and looks pretty stylin’ to boot.

You don’t have to attend all the events– only the ones that seem appealing to you. Below you can find a link to events that breaks down who is performing what and for how much, as well as a schedule (in spreadsheet form) to help you visualize what is happening when.

Happy Fringe Festival!

The Fringe, Fort Collins Fringe Festival, Art, Performance, Fort Collins Events

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