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What is the neighborhood coming to at Jessup Farm Barrel House

When it comes to a fabulous neighborhood tap house, I am the luckiest beer geek. Within walking distance, Jessup Farms Barrel House is a real treat for my feet and my craft beer loving taste buds.  In 2015, The Barrel House was literally born in a barn that is 133 (give or take) years-old. The 3,000 square-foot restored barn sits on the 13-acre Jessup Farm Artisan Village with other shabby-chic businesses like Bindle CoffeeThe Farm House at Jessup Farm, and Cacciatore at Heller’s Kitchen; just to name a few as a point of reference. All of which are next to Bucking Horse development just North East of Drake and Timberline Road.

As I walked into the first floor of the converted barn, the whiff of fermenting barley greeted me on the way past the blending and barrel storage area.  Upstairs, I found their neighborhood communal tables, which are meant for the gathering, charming and inviting.  All year round, the outdoor beer garden is complete with cornhole and other patio games. Great to see they are bike, kid, and dog-friendly as well.

Jessup Farm Barrel House won gold in the Brett beer category for Fancy Pants. The 1921 Jessup Dr. Brewery launched in 2015. by Jacob Laxen / Coloradoan

My sampling included Tequila Train Delay 6.0%, Train Delay 5.0%, and Honeydew It 6.1% ABV.  Because I am a bit of sucker for higher alcohol percentage, the Honeydew It had my name all over it. This American wheat beer with honeydew melon juice pours cloudy with the straw to light amber color which takes on a resemblance of a German-style Hefeweizen.  In other words, Honeydew It is farmhouse heaven in a glass.

Instagram @onfcbeer

Barrel aged beer “takes the robust characteristics from the barrels blended to bring out the complexities and nuances of the flavors“.  Prepare to be wowed with a deliberate and sophisticated selection of styles that range from Munich-style pale lager, barrel-aged dark quick sour, oak-aged red ale, whiskey barrel-aged strong ale, and wine barrel-aged wheat ale among other fine crafted beers. Drop by to pick up a bomber or a growler fill on the way back to your neighborhood.


Images courtesy of Jessup Farm Barrel House

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